Viega ProPress Fittings

Viega ProPress Fittings


Press fitting technology is sweeping the nation and Viega is leading the trend. When Viega introduced the ProPress System to the United States in 1999, installers could stop sweating fittings and start saving time. Today, after millions of trouble-free connections, installers across the county have put down their torches in favor of Viega's flameless, solderless, ProPress System.

Viega's ProPress System has helped installers across the nation reduce installation time, save money and increase reliability on the jobsite.

Available in copper and bronze with sizes ranging from 1/2" to 4", Viega ProPress fittings are heavier than Type K copper tube, the most robust plumbing tube, so they are built to last.

What makes the Viega ProPress System the world's premier pressing system? The Smart Connect feature. A feature that identifies unpressed connections so they are not left behind.

Only Viega ProPress fittings and valves offer the patented Smart Connect feature.

Look for the green dots:

  1. Identify an unpressed connection during pressure testing when air flows past the sealing element.
  2. Upon identification the ProPress tool is used to press the fitting, making a permanent leak-proof connection.
  3. ProPress connections are fast, flameless and reliable.
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