Reznor VPT: Two Stage Tube Heater

Reznor VPT: Two Stage Tube Heater





Reznor's VPT offers the same great benefits found on Model VP1, but also has the advantage of two-stage heating. Reznor Model VP2 is a positive pressure heating system. Units are available with a Calcoat® combustion chamber tube and rolled steel heat exchanger tubes or with all stainless steel tubes.

Reznor radiant heating is among the most environmentally friendly heating solutions on the market, greatly assisting industry and commerce in improving their overall energy performance and making a significant contribution to achieving compliance with the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building rating system, which encourages the adoption of green building practices. The two-stage heating system allows for instant heat and longer on cycles, improving people comfort in the space.

  • Enclosed burner and blowers
  • Better seasonal efficiency
  • Deliver the right amount of heat when and where it is needed


  • Noise critical applications - virtually no combustion noise

Environmentally Conscious:

  • Peak flame temperatures are reduced
  • Low NOx levels (up to 40% reduction)
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